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Angelo and Stefania

The family and the whole specialized team follow the entire production chain, from the care of the vineyards, the grape harvest, up to the bottling, with passion, dedication and technical competence. Today Angelo and Stefania follow the Marenco winery.

The Marenco Winery was founded in 1877 in Novello, in the heart of the Langhe of Barolo, between the hills of La Morra, Barolo and Monforte d’Alba, where it produces the classic wines of the Langhe: from Barbera d’Alba DOC to the native wine of Novello, the Nas-Cetta DOC, from Dolcetto d’Alba DOC to Barbera d’Alba Superiore DOC, from Favorita DOC to Nebbiolo da Barolo DOCG.

For four generations, the love for the territory and for the wine has generated the great classics of Piedmontese enology appreciated all over the world. Today the company is run by Angelo Marenco and Stefania who, with passion and love for the family tradition, produce the classic DOC, DOP and DOCG Langa wines which are produced and bottled at the origin in compliance with the values of the founders and a territory which, for the protection of the landscape, was recognized in 2015 as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.



for four generations

Cantina Marenco in novello vini pregiati Barolo langhe
The farm welcomes its guests interested in the food and wine culture of the Langhe by offering a journey to discover typical flavors and winemaking and wine aging techniques. The experience takes place inside the cellar and on the panoramic terraces overlooking, on one side, the hills of the Langhe del Barolo and, on the other side, the whole Piedmontese plain, ranging up to the Alps where Monviso stands out.
The Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are lands that always manage to amaze with their beauty and their incomparable elegance. The Langhe del Barolo of which Novello is one of the highest and most panoramic places, also knows how to excite. Here nature speaks and the interventions of man who have always respected spaces and balances.
Our task is to carry on the family tradition, to continue producing quality wine that we export all over the world with Barolo DOCG in the lead, but, above all, to preserve a unique landscape in the world that knows how to give the best to who knows how to stop and contemplate it.


Vini marenco in novello produttori di barolo da quattro generazioni